"Probably the most beautiful marathon in Germany"

12. Morgenpost Dresden Marathon

Reporter: Zenon Karczewski

24.10.2010 12. Morgenpost Dresden Marathon "Dresdner Trolle" got inter-national - Bernd, Gerald, Christian, Roman, Zenon and Caitlyn from Chicago built our team for the 12. Dresden Marathon; Roman ran his perso-nal best time (3h05) and left the others far behind - Christian (3h18), Bernd (3h30), Gerald (3h44), Zenon (3h48), Caitlyn (4h02) Not only we run all over the world (in more than 50 countries so far - s. Statistik) but now we also have - at least for one race - an international member in our team - Caitlyn from Chicago (Photo).

We met her yesterday at the Marathon Fair in the Congress Centre during the "Pasta Party" (photo). It was quite full; she was standing alone at a table. "Können wir uns dazu stellen" - Gerald asked. "Or sorry, I do not speak German" - she answered. "No problem". We switched to English and learned that tomorrow it will be the 11th Marathon race for Caitlyn and her 2nd "Country Point" ("Laenderpunkt"). So far she ran marathons only in the USA - e. g. in San Francisco, New York and 14 days ago also in her hometown Chicago. Compared with the Chicago Marathon is Dresden with its 1500 participants (full marathon) just a small race. "But still - it is well organized, has a nice course and a good atmosphere" - we say. "Which club do you run for?". "Oh, I'm not in a club, I just run for myself, just for fun". "O.K. so maybe you could join us.

We'll be 5 Trolls running tomorrow but for a team we still need a women". "Why not, I can do it but do not expect me to be very fast. I'll finish after 4h or so. "That's o.k., no problem".

Today morning we met at 9:30 am. Caitlyn, Gerald and me - we started from the 4h-block. Roman wanted to join us too but I sent him to the head of the race. "You are to be our best and you have a mission to fulfill; you must not loose time at the beginning".

The first kilometers are like a sightseeing tour. First we run over the bridge Marienbrücke, then we pass the Bellevue Hotel, the Goldener Reiter (Golden Rider) and cross the Elbe river again on the Augustus-Brücke having a nice view on the Dresdner Panorama with Albertinum, Frauenkirche, Schloss, Hofkriche, Zwinger and Semperoper (s. big photo above).

We are talking, taking photos and having a lot of fun (photo). After 5 kilometers I say to Caitlyn: "Now we have to speed up and care about the finish time of our team, see you later, good luck!". We leave Caitlyn and run from now on a little faster but still making a lot of breaks, talking to relatives and friends (e.g to the "beer man" Jens Seidel ( s. photo bellow and also >> this report) and making a lot of pictures. After 9 kilometers we reach Großer Garten. - the "Central Park" of Dresden. It has an area of 2 km² and is a popular meeting place for jogger, biker and inline-skater. Running allong the Grosser Garten we pass Deutsches Hygiene Museum and then the Transparent Factory.

After 26 kilometer, on the second lap, we meet Caitlyn again. She is just 10 minutes behind us and looks still very good. "You are making a great job, you can do it, keep on" - I call out to her and I must think of "Americas frendliest marahton" - the Richmond Marathon I ran 4 years ago (>> Report).

After 30 kilometers we are again in the "Central Park" and it is now getting hard for me - more and more. I have to slow down. Gerald is running away and will finish in 3h44'39''. I manage to rest bellow 3h50 and this is o.k. for me. Caitlyn is happy with 4h02'35''. Roman did not disappoint us and ran his PB - 3h05'10'' - an excellent time, a won bet (a bottle of champagne) and a big step towards 3h what will be his target for the next year. After the race we are drinking beer. "Beer belongs to a german marathon like hamburger to a marathon in the USA" - we say to Caitlyn and laugh together about these clichés (photo here and bellow)


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